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The Feed

Dutton Architects' FEED showcases a compilation of recent news items, Instagram photos, GRIDS-blog posts, as well as a slideshow of featured images.

Shouts & Murmers

News and events, accolades and observations, shouts and murmurs, regarding Dutton Architects.

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  • Tustin Hills Under Construction

    Dutton Architects designs a major renovation for a custom modern house in the Tustin Hills.

  • On The Boards: Mount Washington Residence

    Dutton Architects designs modern mountain-top residence in Mount Washington with scenic views overlooking mountains and the Los Angeles Basin.

  • On The Boards: Mulholland Residence

    Dutton Architects is designing a 9,000 sf house on Mulholland Drive that opens to the valley on one side and downtown LA on the other.

  • Dutton Publishes on Building Future Garden Cities

    John Dutton publishes an article in the journal My Livable Cities on architects role in creating green, sustainable, and livable cities.

  • Dutton Publishes Article on The Urban Architecture of Otto Wagner

    John Dutton authors and article on Otto Wagner’s celebrated Postparkasse in Vienna, reviewing it as a building that mediates between modern and traditional, architecture and urbanism

  • Brentwood House Construction Almost Complete

    Dutton Architects hill modern top house almost completes construction.

  • Dutton Publishes Article on Innovative Streets of Barcelona

    Dutton publishes an article in the book Streets for All on the innovative public space design of the streets of Barcelona.

  • On the Boards: New Artist Loft in DTLA

    Large artist loft is being designed for art collectors in Los Angeles’ downtown Arts District

Instagram Feed

Below are the most recent visual observations of buildings and places, form and space, people and landscape.  In short, whatever catches John’s eye.

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GRIDS blog

John Dutton’s blog investigating the places where architecture meets urbanism: historical examples of city-making as well as commentaries on contemporary urbanism.

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