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The Feed

Dutton Architects' FEED showcases a compilation of recent news items, Instagram photos, GRIDS-blog posts, as well as a slideshow of featured images.

Shouts & Murmers

News and events, accolades and observations, shouts and murmurs, regarding Dutton Architects.

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  • On the Boards: New Artist Loft in DTLA

    Large artist loft is being designed for art collectors in Los Angeles’ downtown Arts District

  • On the Boards: Riverfront Residence in Sacramento

    New riverfront house sits within the levee of the Sacramento River, opening up to vistas to the river and agricultural fields beyond

  • On the boards: Law Offices in Silicon Valley

    The headquarters for a new boutique intellectual property law firm in Silicon Valley is being designed by Dutton Architects.

  • Dutton Architects to Design Artists Lofts in Warehouse Conversion

    Dutton Architects is renovating a brick and concrete warehouse in Los Angeles into 18 units of artists lofts. The interventions are intended to be minimal, maintaining and respecting much of the original industrial qualities of the building.

  • New Malibu House under design

    A new modern hillside house in Malibu, set into a series of terraces, with views up and down the Malibu coast.

  • Dutton Architects moves into new office

    Dutton Architects moved into the Elysian, a restored building originally designed by William Perreira for the Metropolitan Water District.

  • Dutton Lectures on the Architecture of Barcelona Modernisme

    At the 2017 CNU in Seattle, John Dutton lectured on Barcelona Modernisme and Architectural Character.

    The panel focused on the idea of character, as opposed to style or typology, two better-known terms these days. Character implies the notion of architectural judgment, as articulated in Samir Younes’ “The Imperfect City: On Architectural Judgment.”

  • Hillside house in Brentwood with ocean views starts construction

    Dutton Architects is creating a new two-story addition to a modern house in Brentwood and renovating the rest of the house.  The addition accommodates two home offices for the couple, both TV/film writers, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a family room, and other support spaces.

Instagram Feed

Below are the most recent visual observations of buildings and places, form and space, people and landscape.  In short, whatever catches John’s eye.

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GRIDS blog

John Dutton’s blog investigating the places where architecture meets urbanism: historical examples of city-making as well as commentaries on contemporary urbanism.

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