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Dutton Publishes on Building Future Garden Cities

“Building a (Productive) Garden City” was published in June 2021 in the international architecture and urbanism journal My Livable Cities. This issue focused on “Health and the City.” Dutton’s article discussed how architects can promote resilient and healthy cities by integrating food growing spaces into the architecture of our neighborhoods. Above is an example of a possible new kind of garden city to meet these food supply needs, designed by Dutton Architects

First page of Dutton’s article, which shows a diagram by Ebeneezer Howard, whom many consider the intellectual father of the garden city movement.

Dutton Architects designed a new garden city in England that incorporated food growing spaces as the main public spaces. Clusters of housing surround a main neighborhood center of stores, cafes, and a covered market.

View of a central community garden surrounded by housing designed by Dutton Architects.