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Los Angeles based Dutton Architects provides inspiring places to live and work. We create warm and inviting modern architecture at all scales, from custom homes to creative office spaces to multi-family housing and urban infill.


Dutton Architects is committed to California modern architecture in the best sense: our houses are designed for contemporary living standards with warm modern designs. Each house is custom-designed for our clients through a rich and exciting collaborative process.  We pride ourselves in solving complex problems on difficult sites with elegant, sustainable designs. Ultimately, our houses are part of the landscape and take advantage of the California climate with outdoor-indoor connections.

Our workplace designs aim to marry the particular functional needs of a business while creating a design that reflects the brand of the company. We see ourselves as partners in your business, not merely designers making a beautiful space.

Urban Design

Integrating Architecture and Urbanism: Dutton Architects is committed to creating inspiring urban environments in which to live and work through our deep experience and knowledge of the relationship between buildings and open spaces that create urban fabric. Our work challenges the low-density sprawl development of our car-dominated landscape. Rather, we believe in vital, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use and sustainable neighborhoods to live, work and shop.

Our projects include new towns, urban infill, street and open space design, and housing.