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Dutton Architects is committed to California modern architecture in the best sense: our houses are designed for contemporary living with comfortable and warm modern designs. Each house is custom-designed for our clients through a close collaborative process with architect John Dutton. We take into account the particulars of each site, and from the beginning envision smart ways of creating a sustainable place to live. We pride ourselves in meticulous designs and details, and will closely follow each project from design through construction, demanding the highest quality build-out by a contractor. Ultimately, our houses are part of the landscape, and we envision outdoor spaces as intimately connected to interior spaces, and just as important for places to live (especially in our native southern California).

  • Sunset Blvd House
  • Malibu House
  • Winebaum Residence
  • Mandeville Canyon House
  • La Mesa Residence
  • Stoughton Miller Residence
  • Isaacson Addition
  • Cliffwood House
  • Kohan Guest House
  • McKuin Renovation
  • Maxwell’s Green Housing
  • Gansa White Residence
  • Levin Flackett House
  • New Orleans Post-Katrina Plan

1115 W. Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA


+1 323-668-2600

1045 Sansome Street
Studio 321

San Francisco, CA


+1 415-726-2955

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